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New Nature Friends

We met two new wonderful friends last week, who took us out to see their land, including forests, ponds, and areas that they are planting with native prairie species.

This last was fascinating, as they showed us many pictures of the summer blooms.  We were introduced to leadplant, wild quinine, and white liatrus, among others. They took us to see the marvelous Storybook Oak . . .


. . . and out on their deck, we saw this bright little creature, who we believe is Ctenucha virginica, which eventually becomes a moth with a striking blue body and grey wings.

littlepillarInterestingly enough, we met our new friends through our nature writing – they had seen one of Kenton’s articles in the local newspaper and invited us over.  It’s so wonderful to be meeting new people who have such a passion for nature.  They’ve invited us to come up anytime, and we can’t wait to watch the various habitats that exist on their acreage flow through the cycle of the seasons.  Rumors of a bear make things even more exciting!

Since we own only a few acres ourselves, it is a great blessing when people invite us to explore larger areas.  To all of you who do own acreage and have shared its gifts with those who have a keen interest in nature, here is a heartfelt ‘thank you’.

2 Responses to “New Nature Friends”

  1. That tree is amazing!!! I love to walk around the Hocking Hills area of Ohio and take pictures of trees of various shapes and sizes. It never ceases to amaze me what shapes trees become and what they can grow around.
    Thanks for the great pics!!!
    Ohio Hiker

  2. Thanks Ohio Hiker — they truly are marvelous plants, each one so unique. And great for climbing, too . . . =)

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