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Everyone Loves Maple Sap!

While visiting my brother in Madison, Wisconsin recently, we had the pleasure of watching a variety of creatures taking advantage of the maple tree in his front yard.  You see, it was  dripping sap, and it seemed like everyone wanted a sip.  We sat and watched as chickadees, grey squirrels, downy woodpeckers, and golden-crowned kinglets stopped by for a taste of the delicious tree-juice.





We were waiting for a special visitor that my brother and his wife had seen just the day before — that famous sucker of sap, the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.  But the sapsucker declined to put in an appearance,  so we had to console ourselves with observing the shallow holes the bird had created in the maple’s bark.

The whole affair got us pretty hungry, so after taking some pictures, it was time for our own maple sap feast — this time with highly concentrated maple sap drizzled over pancakes.  I guess we like maple sap too!

4 Responses to “Everyone Loves Maple Sap!”

  1. Another nice story Kenton, I love the picture of the squirrel. It looks like he is licking the tree.

  2. Nice!! What a treat—for us and the critters!

  3. Thanks Madonna! He sure was licking, and we were really lucky to get a shot of the action! He sat there for quite a while, as if the tree were a lollipop =)

  4. Sally — Thanks so much! And you’re very right! There are so many delicious treats that nature provides, but maple sap (and syrup, of course) has got to be pretty high on the list . . .

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