A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

Flying Crows

This winter we took a lot of crow pictures, since they were spending a lot of time in our pine forest. We soon noticed that their silhouettes against the sky made for very interesting pictures {…}

Crawlers in the Night

Two nights ago we were walking along our country road and were startled to hear something moving in the forest {…}

I And The Bird #98

Nick at Biological Ramblings has put together a fabulous edition of I and the Bird, outlining every single species represented.  We learned some great things about an enormous variety of birds.
We’re also proud to have our post Bluebirds Pecking at Mirrors featured therein!

Mystery Bug

Our first Nature Mystery is this little creature. We came across it in a horse arena, resting comfortably in {…}

2009 Meteor Showers

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you can see the stars, you know that once in a while, you’ll see something very special - the bright mark of a falling star flashing across the sky {…}

Bluebirds Pecking at Mirrors

Going out to see our horses the other day, we discovered a pair of bluebirds doing battle with the large outdoor arena mirror {…}

Ladybeetle Tracks!

As I stepped from the shower the other night, I noticed something quite remarkable on the plastic covering the window. Two multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles had left their tracks in {…}

Mystery Skull #2

Here is our second mystery skull. This is a very unusual one. I’ll show you an overhead shot first, since it’s quite a challenge to {…}

The Red Velvet Mite

When we took a picture of this little critter - one of the first ‘bugs’ we’ve seen this spring - we realized that we didn’t know what it was. We had both seen them all our lives - like little balls of velvet with legs {…}

A Cat Named Cloud

Cloud was a stray. One of those barn-cats that wanders in during a dark and stormy night and meows so pitifully that { . . . }