A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

2009 Meteor Showers

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you can see the stars, you know that once in a while, you’ll see something very special - the bright mark of a falling star flashing across the sky {…}


Spring is approaching, and that means the end of snow. This year we had some amazing snows in Wisconsin, not because we had a whole lot, but because of the snowflakes.

Sometimes it seems like there are only a few times a year when you can walk out into the winter world and discover {. . .}


When I was little, icicles were daggers and swords, and I’d wander through the woods with one in my glove and an extra thrust in my belt, searching out orcs and goblins to do battle with. I haven’t slain any evil creatures with ice-blades for many years now, but I still love icicles. They always form the most fascinating shapes. The other day I found myself wondering – just how are icicles {. . .}