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About Kenton and Rebecca

We’re writers, naturalists and nature educators who live in western Wisconsin.  Our greatest passion is to help people re-discover their connection with nature, and remember how fun it is to walk barefoot in the mud!   Enjoy the Wild About Nature Blog, and be sure to share your own stories with us in the comments!  We also welcome email- you can contact us through our website: www.kentonandrebecca.com.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a consummate nature-lover.  Reflective, observant, and patient, she has a knack for befriending animals, seeing the magic in everyday events, and capturing the essence of nature with her photographs and words.  Though she’s a professional bellydancer renowned for her grace and beauty, she’s not afraid to get right down into the muck and catch a tadpole by hand, or climb a tree to check out a squirrel’s nest.  Rebecca is an emerging nature photographer, and takes the majority of the photos you see on this blog, as well as on our website.

Quick Fact: She used to bellydance with a seven-foot boa constrictor, and after her performances she would introduce the audience to the snake, giving many people their first-ever experience touching one of these reptiles.

About Kenton

Last week Rebecca had to reprimand Kenton for crawling around on the floor at the grocery store.  Apparently he thought he saw a bug.  Often accused of being feral, he does his very best to appear civilized in public.  His favorite things to do are rescuing turtles or snakes that are in danger of getting run over on the road, chasing turkeys and bears through the woods, and exploring caves.  Kenton is currently co-authoring a book on marketing your nature photography with author and photographer Charles Campbell, and he writes a nature column for the Dunn County News.  He also just signed on with his dream agent to represent his book, which follows his adventures trying to catch a wild turkey with his bare hands.

Quick Fact: He once had very long fangs, but when he was little the dentist shaved them down to flat little stubs.  Unfortunately for his parents, the attempt at de-wilding didn’t work.

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  1. SO excited to find your website! My friends, Maggie and Steve Jacobus - FROM MILWAUKEE, WI - also have the “passion is to help people re-discover their connection with nature, and remember how fun it is to walk barefoot in the mud.” So much so that they moved to Costa Rica and are now living and working with their 3 boys to share that message thru their website. I came to your site through Nature for Kids who just did an interview with Maggie. (Check it out.) I am confident you will find a lot in common with them - Maggie, as a matter of fact, is also a bellydancing convert and Rebecca would have loved the bellydancing retreat Maggie recently held down in CR!

  2. Hello Andrea — Thanks! Their site looks awesome — we’ll have to get in touch, especially as bellydance is a shared interest =)

  3. I love to walk barefoot in mud!

  4. Yipeee! It’s always so joyous to feel that mud squishing up between your toes =)

  5. […] Kenton and Rebecca, blogging at Wild About Nature, bring us a thoughtful piece about their efforts to educate children and adults about snakes. Their goal is to help others overcome a seemingly innate fear of serpents, and to replace that fear with respect and appreciation. […]

  6. Wow, what a cool place you created here. I discovered your space while trying to find a blog in Wisconsin for my new project. I’m sure I found it. I have embedded the feed in my site. Hope you don’t mind?!

    I am working with a group of environmentalist in Ozaukee County to promote the parks and protected land here. I am making a website to showcase all these natural wonders called Treasures of Oz.

    You guys have a awesome website. I love the photos, especially (Kentonus wildicus) and the writing. Keep it up and come check out some of our wild areas sometime, if you haven’t already. Maybe we could collaborate on something in the future.


  7. Hi David,

    Thanks so much for all the kind words! We’ve visited Treasures of Oz and we’re amazed — this is such an incredible and creative idea. What a way to get people out into nature, and to inspire others to continue to preserve these natural treasures. We’ve never been to Ozaukee County, but now we have a great reason to visit!

    Thanks for doing this great work, David.

    Kenton and Rebecca

  8. I had to check you out after Dave posted your blog on our site. How fun! Great website and good ideas.

  9. Hi Marjie!

    Thanks so much. It’s been a joy creating this site, and most of all we’re thankful for all the amazing people we’re connecting with who share our passion for nature.

    Kenton and Rebecca

  10. From Connecticut to Wisconsin, Nature connects us all! I enjoy your site.

  11. Georgia O`Keffe: nobody sees a flower,really-it`s so small-and to see takes time; like to have a friend takes time. Citrulline:
    comes from watermelon rind… it`s an amino acid how long have we been conditioned to discard the rind? thanks for your time inna blink you folks made my night! happy crawling David

  12. i love mud!!!!!!!!!

    i love marching in the mud in my barefeet and i love the sucking noises the mud makes!!!!!!!!!

    it is so much fun!!!!!!!!


  13. Totally agree, Bobby!

  14. Hello Kenton and Rebecca!

    My name is Marilu and I am trying to reach out to you to help me get this Documentary on Cheetah Conservation filmed. Please help us spread the word about this project, it is so close to my heart. I know by spreading the word we can make this a reality. Please go to our site to learn more about the project and what I am trying to accomplish. Please help. Thank you so much!



  15. Hi Kenton and Rebecca,

    I thought you might be interested in hearing about our upcoming exhibition, Treasures of the Amazon Rainforest – Robert Oelman / solo exhibition. It presents the breathtaking photos of Robert Oelman, an artist who works in collaboration the Smithsonian Institute and the National University in Bogota to capture images of insects that live in exotic environments, many of whom have never been recorded before. He has also branched out into panoramic photography, and capturing other flora and fauna of the rainforests where he spends so much time.

    These images increase our knowledge of our world, remind us that insects are incredible, and are a source of pure visual joy. Take a look – you’ll see why they deserve a show in a fine art gallery.

    For more information, check out our blog post: http://agoraartgalleryblog.com/robert-oelman-solo-exhibition/ . If you’d like to write about the exhibition on your blog, I’d appreciate it if you could link back to this original post.

    Best regards,
    Agora Gallery

  16. I just found your blog-Fun- I’m an artist and naturalist and share your goal of inspiring people through nature. I’ve got a new web series that you might find interesting called wild art which teaches kids about nature through art. Check it out if you have a chance


  17. Hi Kenton,
    I am with the Friends of the Red Cedar State Trail. Was wondering if you are available and willing to do a presentation for National Trails Day. This year, NTD is 6/6/15. But, after we had rain last year, we have decided to offer Sunday, June 7, 2015, as a rain rescheduled day. Your snake program, and the outdoor survivalist program have been so well received by the kids and adults who attend NTD. Appreciate your willingness to consider the FRCST request. Thanks. Barb

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