A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

Crawlers in the Night

Two nights ago we were walking along our country road and were startled to hear something moving in the forest {…}

Mystery Bug

Our first Nature Mystery is this little creature. We came across it in a horse arena, resting comfortably in {…}

Ladybeetle Tracks!

As I stepped from the shower the other night, I noticed something quite remarkable on the plastic covering the window. Two multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles had left their tracks in {…}

The Red Velvet Mite

When we took a picture of this little critter - one of the first ‘bugs’ we’ve seen this spring - we realized that we didn’t know what it was. We had both seen them all our lives - like little balls of velvet with legs {…}

Ladybeetles for Dinner

We have a lot of Asian Lady Beetles in our house. A lot. People consider them a terrible nuisance, since they tend to swarm by the hundreds over your windows, fly into your drink, and occasionally dive-bomb you for the apparent sole purpose of landing on your arm and biting you. Apart from that, they’re pretty neat {. . .}