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I And The Bird #98

Nick at Biological Ramblings has put together a fabulous edition of I and the Bird, outlining every single species represented.  We learned some great things about an enormous variety of birds.
We’re also proud to have our post Bluebirds Pecking at Mirrors featured therein!

Festival of the Trees #34

There is an amazing collection of articles at the Festival of the Trees #34, hosted this time around at one of our favorite blogs — Seabrooke’s The Marvelous in Nature. There you can learn about treehouses, read poetry, and discover what might be the coolest place on Earth { . . . }

Spreading the Word About Nature

Now that we’re on the Nature Blog Network, we feel like we’re officially ‘launched’. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the folks at NBN, who have put in tremendous effort to promote everyone’s blogs on the network. We also wanted to thank all of you nature {. . .}