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Ladybeetle Tracks!

As I stepped from the shower the other night, I noticed something quite remarkable on the plastic covering the window.  Two multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles had left their tracks in the condensed steam.  It was a rare chance to see beetle tracks!

While the one was making a rather direct track, the other seemed a bit undecided about which way to go.  A closer look revealed some strange markings.


What an odd set of prints!

2 Responses to “Ladybeetle Tracks!”

  1. Have you considered participating in the Lost Ladybug Project? A nice opportunity for citizen scientists. You can get info at http://treadwell.cce.cornell.edu/ladybeetles/. They are concerned about the decline of native ladybugs and are compiling information on exotics.
    Cool pictures!

  2. Carole — thanks for this great link. What a fun and educational site — we’re excited to start ‘hunting’!

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