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Mystery Skull #2

Here is our second mystery skull.  This is a very unusual one.  I’ll show you an overhead shot first, since it’s quite a challenge to identify it from this angle.


We found this skull on the banks of the St. Croix River on the Minnesota side.  Here is a view from the side.


Look at those teeth!


If you’re up for the ID challenge, post your guesses below.  If you’d like to know the answer, you can find out what kind of skull this is, and learn a little about its former owner here.

2 Responses to “Mystery Skull #2”

  1. I’ve never seen one, but just looking at the long snout and all those teeth, I’m guessing a longnose gar.

    Man, you’ve sure found some great skulls. I’ll have to post some of mine one of these day - I like this quiz format.


  2. Great guess Ted! We won’t comment further so that others have a chance to guess as well. We’d love to see some of your skulls — part of this project is to slowly begin to assemble a skull photo database on our other site, but it will be slowly growing — partly because our collection is limited. If you post examples on your blog that we don’t have, we may come begging to see if we could include them in the database. =)

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