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Book Review: “The Forager’s Harvest”

Samuel Thayer has put together a guide that has added considerably to our wild edible harvest {…}

22 Degree Halo

The other day we were visiting someone’s home when we looked up in the sky and said ‘Sundog!’. There was a huge {…}

Quite Possibly the World’s Cutest Snake

Rebecca captured this little fellow yesterday.  He was hardly bigger than an earthworm. We were recently giving a snake presentation for National Trail Day and were talking about these tiny serpents.  This is Storeria occipitomaculata, but if that name seems a tad difficult to pronounce, you can call him the Northern Redbelly.  They might look […]

Delicious Flowers

It’s that wonderful time of year when the black locust tree is blooming. These flowers are one of the most delightful of wild edibles, with a strong floral scent and a sweet, crispy taste {…}

Mystery Skull #3

We felt very lucky to find this skull.  Although it might look like it, it is not a dragon skull.  When people discover its owner, however, they are usually quite surprised. Let us know your guesses, and if you’d like to learn the answer, you can find out here.