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Come Adventure With Us!

Hello Everyone!

Rebecca and I are proud to announce the birth of our first child, Mirabelle Soleil. We’re also announcing the launch of a new blog where you can read about her adventures. We’ll still be posting articles on Wild About Nature, but this new blog will feature  our journey with natural parenting and a whole range of our life adventures — from wilderness survival to bellydance. We’ll be including our weekly Adventure Journal, as well as writing about diaperless parenting, Products Worth Actually Spending Money On, book reviews, natural birthing, world’s best recipes, philosophy and science, and all sorts of other fun things.

Come join us at www.kentonandrebecca.com, and as always, send us your own stories of your adventures as you explore the wonders of life!


Kenton and Rebecca

18 Responses to “Come Adventure With Us!”

  1. So excited for you two! And I love her name. She is a lucky little lady. Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations! She is a cutie. I really like the name you choose. Have fun, baby girls are great. Just ask Ella.

    I look forward to following the journey.


  3. Wow! Talk about a nature adventure! What marvels await you on this journey! Congratulations on the birth of your darling daughter.

  4. Congratulations with my warmest regards!

  5. Hi Shawna!

    Thanks so much =) We’re so excited to adventure with her!

  6. Hi Dave!

    Your nature experiences with Ella are a big inspiration to us — thank you!

  7. Hi Jackie!

    Thanks for the wonderful wishes! We sure are excited =)

  8. Thank you Ted! We can’t wait to introduce her to her first ‘bugs’ this spring!

  9. What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl! I am excited to have the new blog! Children are full of wonder and we can sometimes “catch” some of their amazement as they learn. I love to introduce my 12 year old to new adventures because her excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. Good luck!

  10. Thanks so much, Nichole! We’re certainly hoping to ‘catch’ much of Mirabelle’s enthusiasm, which is already so obvious in her curious approach to the world.

  11. Wow! Cutie baby.Congratulations with my warmest regards!

  12. Many congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful child with a beautiful name! Enjoy the journey ahead and best wishes.

  13. Thanks so much Cecilia! We’re so excited, and so enjoying this time with Mirabelle, though we confess to being a little excited for spring when she can be outside and meet all sorts of bugs and plants and such. We go for a hike with her almost every day now, but often it’s too cold for her little nose, which turns bright, bright red =)

  14. Congratulations on the arrival of your cutie child. Enjoy the journey ahead and best wishes.

  15. Wow! your baby is so so cute. I love the name you choose.

  16. Thanks Hearty Eugene! She sure is getting big by now and she looooves the outdoors. Here’s a video of her hunting morel mushrooms: http://mirabellesoleil.kentonwhitman.com/2012/05/08/hunting-the-elusive-morels/ Sure is an amazing adventure so far!

  17. It is great to see a brand new family that will grow together and with nature. Mirabelle is one of the cutest little princesses that I have seen in a long time. Welcome to the wonderful world on nature.

  18. Thank you Louise! We’re so excited to be able to give Mirabelle so much nature-time. At not-yet-two she’s already able to identify many of our local plants, and is beginning to know which ones she can safely eat! She loves to go out looking for “bugs”, or to catch snakes or turtles. What fun!

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