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Different types of balloons that you can purchase

 Latex Balloons

 The most common types of latex balloons are "pastel", "metal", " pearl" and "crystal":

  • "pastel" balloons appear smooth and feature the largest color palette;
  • "metal" and "pearl" is distinguished with an attractive, metalized, shiny surface;
  • Balloons "crystal" are transparent and have the brightest balls that are saturated in color.

 Pastel balloons are considered the most durable - the fact is that metalized, as well as crystal balloons, stretch less than "pastel" balloons and their lifespan is about a third less. On the other hand, they appear more attractive. can be significantly affected by high temperatures - in hot weather, the transparent balloon's "crystal" gradually turn cloudy "metal" and get less shiny, whereas "pastel" retains its original form and appearance.

 Latex balloons come in assortment of sizes. Manufacturers set them in inches 5' (12 cm), 9' (22 cm), 12' (30 cm) https://balloons.online/balloon-sizes/12-inch-balloons/, 14' (35 cm), 16' (40 cm), 18' (45 cm) and 3' (70-80 cm).

 The smaller balloons of 5" as well as the smaller 9" balloons are usually used to create garlands and also for decoration (for example, they are used to fill surprise boxes). The smaller balloons can't be filled with helium because the helium gas has a short lifespan and the balloon can quickly deflate and then deflate.

 The typical dimensions of twelve" as well as 14" balloons are commonly used - these are balls without a pattern and balls that have a pattern and balls with confetti. The color palette is most extensive, and the balloons can be inflated with air or helium (for decorations) and also used to make garlands.

 Larger diameter balloons, 16" or 18" have great lifting power and allow the use of paper garlands, tassels, and other decorations. A good example of 16' (40 centimeters) balloons are Golden Glitter confetti balloons, and 18' (45 cm) balloons are huge balloons without patterns.

 Three-foot (70-80 cm) Meter balloons measure 70-80 cm, which is among the largest (example). Despite the name, the meter balloons are usually inflated to 70-80 centimeters because otherwise, they will not be able to fit inside the doorway and they are more susceptible to various external influences and mechanical harm (the greater the inflation of the balloon, the thinner walls). The balloons can be transparent and opaque with various kinds of confetti, they can be decorated with garlands, and inscriptions, and even upon their foundations are created huge figures using balloons filled with Helium, such as the cat, a dog, or a unicorn, as well as a Giraffe.

 Agate Balloons

 Agate balloons are balloons with an amazing pattern that resembles designs of semi-precious stones. They are created using transparent colorless 12" latex balloons that are made by a unique technique that uses acrylic paint. The design is not repeated, and it is always distinctive. Be assured that even if this balloon explodes, the paint will not stain anything around, because we give balloons the chance to completely dry before delivery. Only our workshops are in danger when balloons are drying.) This is why the balloons must be ordered at least a day before the date of delivery/self shipping.

 They're perfect to use for photoshoots and memorable gifts or decorating fancy parties. However, because of the advancements in manufacturing technology, the flight time of Agate balloons is just about 1-3 days. If it is crucial to you that balloons acanfly for a longer time, it is best to be looking at other alternatives.

 Confetti Balloons

 Confetti balloons are one of the types that are transparent balloons made of latex ("crystal") that have confetti added by hand. The confetti can be either paper or metallic, in different shapes and sizes and the same color, or a variety of colors. Confetti of different sizes, colors, and shapes can be incorporated into one balloon. These balloons look stunning and perfect for photo sessions, memorable presents, or decorating celebrations, and are sure to create lots of positive emotions!

 Balloons that have confetti tend to fly smaller than regular balloons because the confetti is a source of extra mass on the balloon and decreases its capacity to lift. Furthermore, as with any transparent crystal ball that undergoes latex oxidation is most obvious on the confetti balls: over time, the balls get translucent, less clear, and lose their luster (you can learn more about the reasons for this here). In normal conditions (at normal indoor temperatures) the process is slow, but in the summer, under the pressure of high temperature and sunlight, it accelerates considerably, and so during the summer heat when the balls are intended to be utilized outdoors, be prepared for the fact that they will become transparent, and you might want to go instead of opaque balloons in the case aren't willing to risk it.

 There are two ways of creating these balloons. The float method (so the confetti is evenly distributed across the walls of the balloon, as well as the balloon itself can fly for longer than without treatment) or without hi-float (then the confetti is located near the base of the balloon and can move freely inside the balloon, but the flight of such balloons can last only one hour).

 Foil Balloons

 Foil balloons last for a longer time than latex balloons. They do not require HiFloat treatment because their materials don't allow helium molecules to quickly leave the balloon. Foil balloons will slowly deflate without losing their attractive look and, if handled with care, they can be reinflated by air (yourself with a tube) or Helium! Additionally, foil balloons are great for putting personalized inscriptions using stickers because on their smooth surface, the sticker goes on evenly and stays on it longer.

 The balloons that are oiled without pattern may be in form of a star, heart, circle, crescent, crystal, 3D sphere, the palm tree, the cube, and so on. They look amazing in sets combined with confetti and latex balloons!

 There are many different designed foil balloons in all sorts of drawings in addition to "walking balloons" that contain helium however, they don't rise into the air thanks to tiny invisible weights. They start "walking" as they live their life with any air movement.