A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

Garden Beginnings

The other day Rebecca was poking about in the garden, getting things ready for spring planting. All of the sudden, she called me over and asked me to carefully and slowly dig down into the mulch. There was something ‘very special’ waiting beneath, she told me. I could hardly imagine what! I pulled back a [...]


Kids in the Woods!

These were the sounds that accompanied us as we led four groups of third-graders on ‘wilderness survival’ treks last week. Our intent was to teach them the basics of wilderness survival and lost-proofing {…}


Could Wild Runners Save the Wild?

I certainly love our dogs. Suka and Gryphon are friendly, beautiful, and playful. They are also allowed the run of the lands surrounding our home. As half-wild dogs, they fill their days with lazing in the sunshine, exploring the woods, and chasing animals.

It’s this last that bothers me {…}


Treasures of Oz

We were delighted to recently get in touch with a new friend in Ozaukee County — Dave Bishop — who is part of a team that has come up with a great new way to encourage people to get out-of-doors.

Ozaukee County is across the state from us on the shores of Lake Michigan, and we’ve {…}


Going Barefoot!

It’s starting to look a lot like spring here in Wisconsin, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees F during the day. For Rebecca and I, that means it’s time to take the shoes off! Some people think it’s weird that we enjoy going barefoot, but for us there is nothing quite like the feel of leaves or grass or stone (or yes, at this time of the year, even snow!) underfoot. Unconstrained by shoes, your toes can {…}


Secret Wildlands

For those of us who love to explore natural places, we’re often trying to find locations where we can wander without seeing any other humans. It’s not that there aren’t some wonderful parks to explore, but sometimes we want to get off the well-travelled paths and {…}