A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

Dodging Fox Squirrels

Don’t get us wrong. We love fox squirrels. They’re huge, they’re gorgeous, and with their scattered caching behavior, they plant all sorts of trees (and who doesn’t like someone who spends that much time planting trees?)

But we do have to ask a pertinent question. Is something wrong with {. . .}

Anatomy of a Phoebe Nest

For years we’ve had phoebes using the same nesting site under the eave of our porch. This winter, the nest finally fell down. Let’s take it apart and see how it was made! {. . .}

The Amazing Northern Short-Tailed Shrew

Last autumn we were lucky enough to spot this elusive little beast running along the edge of a house. Little did we know what an {. . . }

Mystery Skull #1

We love finding skulls. We found this one in a pine plantation - it was probably {. . .}

Red-Winged Blackbird Displays

This is one of the funnest parts of spring — to watch the male red-winged blackbirds establish their territories. Our favorite place to go is a cattail marsh that seems to be prime blackbird real estate. The older males lead {. . .}

Spreading the Word About Nature

Now that we’re on the Nature Blog Network, we feel like we’re officially ‘launched’. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the folks at NBN, who have put in tremendous effort to promote everyone’s blogs on the network. We also wanted to thank all of you nature {. . .}

Spring Owl Calls

Last night, well after midnight, we were awoken by the calls of the Barred Owl who lives in the pine forest near our home. For a time there was only {. . .}

Taste-testing the Evergreen Teas

Taste Test: Evergreen Teas

There are a lot of plants out in the wildlands and back yards that make for great teas. In the interest of culinary curiosity, today we thought we’d have a showdown between the Red and White Pines, with a Norway Spruce thrown in for variety. We collected the needles, attempting to gather a similar amount for each cup, and poured boiling water {. . . }


Spring is approaching, and that means the end of snow. This year we had some amazing snows in Wisconsin, not because we had a whole lot, but because of the snowflakes.

Sometimes it seems like there are only a few times a year when you can walk out into the winter world and discover {. . .}

Ladybeetles for Dinner

We have a lot of Asian Lady Beetles in our house. A lot. People consider them a terrible nuisance, since they tend to swarm by the hundreds over your windows, fly into your drink, and occasionally dive-bomb you for the apparent sole purpose of landing on your arm and biting you. Apart from that, they’re pretty neat {. . .}