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Cedar Waxwing Feather

We’ve always admired Cedar Waxwings for their airbrushed beauty. Watching them in their congregations, however, we’ve always been curious about the mystery of {…}

Sy Montgomery’s Birdology

Nature authors are one of the greatest forces serving to reunite people with the wild places and creatures that we share this planet with, and one of our all-time favorite authors is Sy Montgomery {…}

Raptor Education Group

A couple of weeks ago, we were alerted to an unusual winter resident near our home. There was a swan on a nearby river. We made a trip to the swan’s reputed haunt, and sure enough, there was a juvenile swan floating on the waves. But what kind? {…}

Mystery Tree, Mystery Bird

We came across two mysteries. The one we solved, but the other is still eluding us {. . .}

Wren Cuisine

We’ve been very happy to share Sweetwater with a nesting pair of House Wrens, who made their home in an old birdhouse near the old marble slab {…}

Odd Migrations

Be sure to check out our Adventure Journal this week — we had the dubious honor of rescuing a baby cow from Certain Death by Train. Yesterday we saw a strange sight.  We were driving home in a northernly direction, when we saw a long formation of Canada Geese flying alongside us. Soon they were […]

I and the Bird #100

We are proud to have our article Flying Crows featured at I and the Bird #100.  This carnival was hosted at The Nature Blog Network, and features tons of great bird posts.  Be sure to pay a visit!

Flying Crows

This winter we took a lot of crow pictures, since they were spending a lot of time in our pine forest. We soon noticed that their silhouettes against the sky made for very interesting pictures {…}

Bluebirds Pecking at Mirrors

Going out to see our horses the other day, we discovered a pair of bluebirds doing battle with the large outdoor arena mirror {…}

Anatomy of a Phoebe Nest

For years we’ve had phoebes using the same nesting site under the eave of our porch. This winter, the nest finally fell down. Let’s take it apart and see how it was made! {. . .}

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