A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

International Wolf Center

Guess what? We now have a literary agent for our upcoming book! You can learn more about Kenton’s turkey-chasing adventures and his writing here.

To celebrate, we went up to northern Minnesota and spent a quiet weekend with Rebecca’s mother and her boyfriend. It was all loons, quiet waters, and sparkling, starry nights. On our way back, we had the pleasure of visiting the International Wolf Center {…}

Red Fox Kits

Our good friend Jen recently led us out to see a marvelous discovery she had made — fox kits! We sat and watched {…}

Dodging Fox Squirrels

Don’t get us wrong. We love fox squirrels. They’re huge, they’re gorgeous, and with their scattered caching behavior, they plant all sorts of trees (and who doesn’t like someone who spends that much time planting trees?)

But we do have to ask a pertinent question. Is something wrong with {. . .}

The Amazing Northern Short-Tailed Shrew

Last autumn we were lucky enough to spot this elusive little beast running along the edge of a house. Little did we know what an {. . . }