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House of Herps #1

One of the things we love best about Blog Carnivals is all the wonderful new blogs we get to learn about. We are honored to be featured in the first-ever House of Herps — a carnival all about reptiles and amphibians!  How cool is that? We were delighted to see many of our nature blogging friends, and are exploring many of the new bloggers featured in the carnival. Be sure to pay it a visit!

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6 Responses to “House of Herps #1”

  1. Hey guys, thanks for checking out my blog…love the ‘about you’ section in yours :) Cute photo of the little tadpole!

  2. Thanks Jill! =)

    Please excuse us if we give your site a little ‘plug’:

    We’d encourage everyone to give Jill’s site a visit — she wanders about in the wilder places and takes spectacular photos. We wish we could go for some adventures with her ourselves, but the next best thing is to jump on board her blog.

    We’re adding you to our ‘Awesome Nature Blogs’ blogroll, Jill. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Wow! Thank you both so much for your participation in and support of the “House of Herps” carnival. It’s very much appreciated.

    And I can’t stress enough how much I admire and appreciate the work you do. What a fantastic blog, but more importantly what marvelous work you do bringing nature to people and people to nature. Impressive and admirable!

  4. Dear Jason,

    Thank you so much for your appreciation and your inspiration! We feel so lucky to have discovered this amazing community of nature lovers through blogging, and we especially admire those, like yourself, who are bringing the community together through blog carnivals. Thanks for being so active for nature!

  5. HEY!

    Thank you so much for posting a link to my page in your “awesome Nature Blogs” section. I fully appreciate it :) in return I have posted you in my “Blogs We Like” section.

    I’m intersted in this nature blog carnival you’ve mentioned. Although my site is more geared towards self sufficient lifestyle and survival, nature obviously plays an integral part in these two areas of interest.

    I want to learn more about nature and how it pertains to survival over the next year with my cousin. I hope to learn more from your wonderful blog as well and I will be back soon to visit again!

  6. Hi Will! Thanks for the link in return. Rebecca and I are fans — you’ve created a truly unique blog. Since we ourselves are teachers of survival, wilderness immersion, and all sorts of adventuring skills, we LOVE to see others celebrating the adventurous life!

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