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Madison Meteorite

Have you heard about the recent fireball in southern Wisconsin? We weren’t lucky enough to see it, but in today’s communication-based world, it seems that almost everything is getting caught on video: (please excuse the ads — yuck — but we were unable to find any videos that weren’t on news channels).

One of the most fascinating things about this one were the reports of the sonic boom — a house-shaking boom that some are saying didn’t arrive for 15 minutes after the fireball was visible. Now, by our calculations that’s a bit strange — 15 seconds would be a more likely arrival time, based on the height of our atmosphere and the speed of sound — but even a 15 second delay would be a remarkable experience.

Speaking of meteors and such, the Lyrids are here, and though they’re not the most active of showers, they can sometimes deliver bursts of 100 or more meteors per hour, so it’s worth taking a peek outside if you have clear night skies. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see a whopper like this one we saw last year!

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4 Responses to “Madison Meteorite”

  1. Sigh.

    I just love coming here and peeking into your world. It’s like sinking into a favorite chair…

    Thank you

  2. That’s just the way we feel when you stop in, Jay.

    K and R

  3. It must be a giant one. Thanks god that most of them vanish in the air before they land!


    Zee Mathews

  4. That’s for sure, Zee. We haven’t followed it enough to know if the found out what it was yet, but pieces were being found in some farmers’ fields . . .

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