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Flying Crows

This winter we took a lot of crow pictures, since they were spending large amounts of time in our pine forest.  We soon noticed that their silhouettes against the sky made for very interesting pictures, and composed a collage of some of our favorite in-flight poses.  It was very interesting to see, frozen, the positions that compose the crows’ dance-like flight.  They often seem to be playing in the air, and here are some of their most interesting moments captured.  They are actual photos, cropped, brightened and contrasted to bring out the detail (many were at quite a distance).  Enjoy!  We’ve also posted these photos (and one of the originals) on our website.

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4 Responses to “Flying Crows”

  1. What a cool idea. Looks neat. Crows are interesting birds.

  2. Thanks so much — it was a lot of fun to put together, and interesting trying to figure out just what each crow was ‘doing’ in each position. Lift, dive, bank . . .

  3. Fascinating! Quite a study in flight techniques, and the diversity of silhouettes is amazing… Thanks!

  4. Thanks Sally! Indeed, it almost became a sort of obsession to try to capture new and interesting silhouettes. It’s tons of fun, and interesting how they almost look ‘fake’ to our eyes. Often we’d take a picture of ten or twenty in flight at once, and then zoom in to try to nab a few of the most dynamic silhouettes.

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