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Red Fox Kits

Our good friend Jen recently led us out to see a marvelous discovery she had made — fox kits!  We sat and watched for a long while, until the sun began setting through the trees and the cool night air of springtime forced us back inside.

Of course, fox kits are awfully high on the cuteness scale, but the real treat is watching them play.  They ran along cliff-edges, balanced across logs, and attacked leaves and grass.  Best of all was when they wrestled with each other, practicing their leaps, pounces, bites, and kicks.  We were reminded of how important play is — and how naturally it flows out of us when we can just ‘let go’.

In addition to the foxes, we saw a whole array of other animals that day.  Visit our Adventure Journal to see them all!

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2 Responses to “Red Fox Kits”

  1. Too cute! What a great opportunity.

  2. Thanks, barefootheart! We really did feel lucky to be in their presence. =)

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