A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

The End of an Icicle

All animals on the planet, including humans, tend to have their perceptions limited by such things as our size, the perceptual range of our senses, and the ecosystems in which we can survive {…}

Raptor Education Group

A couple of weeks ago, we were alerted to an unusual winter resident near our home. There was a swan on a nearby river. We made a trip to the swan’s reputed haunt, and sure enough, there was a juvenile swan floating on the waves. But what kind? {…}

Secret Wildlands

For those of us who love to explore natural places, we’re often trying to find locations where we can wander without seeing any other humans. It’s not that there aren’t some wonderful parks to explore, but sometimes we want to get off the well-travelled paths and {…}