A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

Seeing Nature

I vividly remember when I learned that my grandfather was becoming blind. Macular degeneration had destroyed all but his peripheral vision, and in order to see me when we spoke, he looked away from me {…}

The Usual is so Unusual

One of our favorite things to do is to go outside and take a closer look at some of the normal, everyday things that we often tend to walk right by. Today, a short walk down the road showed us some marvelously ‘usual’ delights {…}

Sy Montgomery’s Birdology

Nature authors are one of the greatest forces serving to reunite people with the wild places and creatures that we share this planet with, and one of our all-time favorite authors is Sy Montgomery {…}

The End of an Icicle

All animals on the planet, including humans, tend to have their perceptions limited by such things as our size, the perceptual range of our senses, and the ecosystems in which we can survive {…}

The Balance of Nature

Wandering through a book shoppe a few moons ago, we came across a musty old book by John K. Terres, entitled From Laurel Hill to Siler’s Bog, The Walking Adventures of a Naturalist. Among the many observations that John makes is this: “In the South, from February to July or August {…}

360 Panoramas

Doing a little exploration on the web, Rebecca and I stumbled across a site that allows you to see 360 degree panoramas of all sorts of interesting places {…}

Persistence Hunting

We put down the book we were reading — Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Among other things, Mr. McDougall talks about ‘persistence hunting’ — a mode of hunting that is almost forgotten today {…}

Fallen Oak

Two days ago, while sitting at our computers writing, Rebecca and I heard a sharp retort — almost like a gunshot — issue from our woods. We paused in our typing. A moment later, we heard another one. We looked across at each other. What now? {…}

Unraveling the Mysteries of Nature

Even before I met Kenton and I was swept away into the world of climbing trees and catching turtles, I was constantly amazed at the marvels of Mother Nature. How could every {…}

The Gold Bug

In Poe’s ‘The Gold Bug’, it is a strange gold beetle that lies at the heart of the tale. This story haunted me from youth {…}

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