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Sy Montgomery’s Birdology

Nature authors are one of the greatest forces serving to reunite people with the wild places and creatures that we share this planet with, and one of our all-time favorite authors is Sy Montgomery. With a ‘jump right in’ immersion-based approach to nature, she’s taken us around the world to meet pink dolphins in the Amazon, snow leopards in Mongolia, man-eating tigers in the Sundarbans, garter snakes in Canada, tree kangaroos in New Guinea, and tarantulas in South America.

This time, she’s applied her insight and considerable writing talents to all manner of birds in her new book called Birdology. It looks like it will be available starting on the 6th of April, 2010. A true ambassador who serves to give voice to animals and ecosystems (from the endangered to the ‘everyday’), Sy has always amazed us in the past, and we can only imagine that we’re going to see birds in a whole new light after we read Birdology. Here’s Sy Montgomery in a video about the book -

Ask for Birdology at your local bookstore! Yay for birds!


4 Responses to “Sy Montgomery’s Birdology”

  1. Wow, what a passion! I’ve never heard of this woman before and frankly, I’ve not read much nature authors but just seing Sy speaking about these creatures like this feels great. Her passion, love and awe for our brethren species is really evident and what’s more - infectious!

  2. Hi Magnus,

    We couldn’t agree more. It’s so awesome to see people who are pursuing their passions — truly inspiring. When we hear her speak we always feel renewed hope for the human species — clearly we are capable of great caring, great excitement and great curiosity and wonder.

  3. Excellent clip! I will look for her book when it comes out. Thanks for your posts. Al

  4. Thanks Al! We’re quite excited. Also, thanks for introducing us to your blog. Truly fascinating the way you take ‘trash’ and create art. The natural settings make your work all the more poignant.

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