A Fun-Loving Guide to the Natural World for Kids and Adults

Madison Meteorite

Have you heard about the recent fireball in southern Wisconsin? We weren’t lucky enough to see it, but in today’s communication-based world, it seems that almost everything is getting caught on video: (please excuse the ads — yuck — but we were unable to find any videos that weren’t on news channels). One of the […]

Garden Beginnings

The other day Rebecca was poking about in the garden, getting things ready for spring planting. All of the sudden, she called me over and asked me to carefully and slowly dig down into the mulch. There was something ‘very special’ waiting beneath, she told me. I could hardly imagine what! I pulled back a […]

Samuel Thayer’s “Nature’s Garden”

There is no feeling quite like wandering off into the neighboring woods and returning with baskets full of wild edibles. These are the ultimate health foods — about as 100% organic as you can get, and many of them are surprisingly yummy. Even more significantly, learning about wild edibles re-connects us with nature. When all […]