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The Gold Bug

In Poe’s ‘The Gold Bug’, it is a strange gold beetle that lies at the heart of the tale. This story haunted me from youth {…}

Wild About Nature Featured on Nature For Kids!

Imagine our pleasant surprise when we visited one of our favorite blogs and discovered that they had just featured our Wild About Nature blog on their site! Nature For Kids is devoted to inspiring families and children to get out into nature and have great adventures. Although we don’t have children ourselves yet, we have […]

Odd Migrations

Be sure to check out our Adventure Journal this week — we had the dubious honor of rescuing a baby cow from Certain Death by Train. Yesterday we saw a strange sight.  We were driving home in a northernly direction, when we saw a long formation of Canada Geese flying alongside us. Soon they were […]

I and the Bird #100

We are proud to have our article Flying Crows featured at I and the Bird #100.  This carnival was hosted at The Nature Blog Network, and features tons of great bird posts.  Be sure to pay a visit!

International Wolf Center

Guess what? We now have a literary agent for our upcoming book! You can learn more about Kenton’s turkey-chasing adventures and his writing here.

To celebrate, we went up to northern Minnesota and spent a quiet weekend with Rebecca’s mother and her boyfriend. It was all loons, quiet waters, and sparkling, starry nights. On our way back, we had the pleasure of visiting the International Wolf Center {…}

A Grand Canyon in Our Backyard

The Grand Canyon is considered one of the great marvels of nature because it is simply overwhelming . . .

Red Fox Kits

Our good friend Jen recently led us out to see a marvelous discovery she had made — fox kits! We sat and watched {…}

Variations on a Theme: Hepatica nobilis

This is one of our first spring flowers in Wisconsin, and comes in a delightful array of variations.  We found all of these within a few paces of each other.

Everyone Loves Maple Sap!

While visiting my brother in Madison, Wisconsin recently, we had the pleasure of watching a variety of creatures taking advantage of the maple tree in his front yard. You see, it was dripping sap, and it seemed like everyone wanted {…}